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With more than a decade of experience working with broker businesses, NFC is the expert partner who can help you navigate the industry and deliver ongoing support and accreditation to help you to succeed. Partnering with NFC provides access to a large and diverse panel of lenders offering a variety of products across various credit and asset categories. Boasting a wide range of secured and unsecured products for consumers and businesses, we can help you meet your customers’ needs.


Our Lenders

Our diverse lender panel includes banks, major asset financiers and a range of boutique finance options that can help you deliver a variety of solutions to your customers. See the panel below.

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Give your business the full service with NFC

Expand your offering and grow your business with access to a wide range of consumer and business products. Through our diverse lender panel, we offer both secured and unsecured loan products across the spectrum of credit and asset categories. Coupled with a passionate broker support team and specialised application management software, we can help set you up for success.


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